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March 2022 Newsletter




            Zoetis has a great program going on all year for a mail-in rebate on bottles of Draxxin KP.  This rebate is for people who are not already Leader’s Edge customers.  The Leader’s Edge customers have a different rebate program. 

            Every time you purchase a bottle of Draxxin KP between 1/1/22 and 12/13/22, you will receive the following rebate:

                        100 ml size=$75

                        250 ml size=$150

                        500 ml size=$300

Each individual purchase is eligible for one rebate only, but there is no limit on the number of rebates you can receive. Jill will take care of the paperwork and sending in the invoice.  You will receive a paper check sent to your home address.

            Jill will also take care of submitting the information for the Leader’s Edge customer purchases.  She will also take care of submitting any purchases you have made since the first of the year.

            Draxxin KP is a very effective antibiotic for treating and preventing pneumonia caused by bacteria and mycoplasma.  It is also cost effective if you look at the cost per dose and the long acting effect.  The cost per bottle can be daunting, however.  This rebate will help.




            The number of new COVID 19 infections in Grant County has finally slowed down from the steep increase in December and January.  As of March 1, only 4 cases were in Grant county!  The CDC has removed its recommendation for indoor masking for most people.  Grant County had 2410 new cases for the month of January, twice as many as December, bringing the total in the county to 12,160 cases.  Hopefully, this exponential rise in infections and case numbers is behind us 

now.  Grant County had 5 more deaths for a total of 142 as of February 28. 

Grant County vaccination rate is at 51% of people with at least one dose of vaccine.  However, the vaccination status varies around the county from 36% to 62%. Everyone over age 5 is eligible to be vaccinated.

Risk of COVID infection is still very high.  However, the trajectory is shrinking rapidly at 39%.  Hospitals and ICUs are no longer overloaded.  This decrease in cases in wonderful news and we hope it continues.

It is never too late to be vaccinated.  Vaccine is plentiful.  You can get vaccinated at Grant Regional, Grant Co Health Dept, Walgreens and WalMart and other pharmacies. 

If you were vaccinated at least 2 months ago with the J+J vaccine or 6 months ago with Moderna or Pfizer, you should get a booster.   Vets and staff at LVC have gotten a booster vaccination.




            The Asian Longhorned Tick (ALT) has now been found in 17 states along the east coast and southern US.  It has not been found in Wisconsin yet, but it travels on wildlife, including birds, so it is spreading rapidly.  It infests cattle and other animals, including humans, causing the disease Theileria orientalis,with signs of fever, anemia, jaundice and lethargy.

            Calves are especially vulnerable to the tick and the disease because of their smaller size and thinner skin.  The majority of cattle that contract the disease appear to be minimally affected.  Your whole herd made be positive by the time you see an animal showing signs.

            Keep an eye out for ticks whenever you are working your cattle, especially the calves.  These ticks are small and may go unnoticed with only a quick look.  Focus on the head and neck.  Animals that die can be tested for the Theileria.  ALT have a very short life cycle and 

the females reproduce without a mate.  They can remain on an infected pasture for up to 2 years under favorable conditions.

            Our cold Wisconsin winters may save us from this tick, but it is now living in Ohio and Missouri.  As the climate changes, we will be dealing with more insects and diseases that used to not survive here.





NEO, the new software system that we have switched to, has a couple of new, secure options for keeping track of your pet’s records and paying your bill.

You can call in and ask the front desk staff to set up a client portal for you.  The front desk staff will check to see that we have a current and correct email address for you.  Then you will receive a email explaining how you can create a login to your very own client portal.  Your user name will be your email address, but you must set up your own password.  Your client portal will provide you with a view to each of your pet’s records including:

  • Pet name, birthday, breed
  • Consults of all service provided in chronological order
  • Vaccines and due dates, reminders
  • Prescriptions and refills
  • Results of various lab tests.

If any information needs to be corrected or updated, you can enter the information and click on Request Changes.  The front desk staff will then know to review your records.

You can always call in to the clinic and make a payment via credit card over the phone.  You can also request a payment link we will text to you.  This link is private and secure and will only last for 24 hours.  The text will contain a link to click on so you can enter your credit card information securely.  We hope that you will find these options helpful.  Please call if you have any questions or difficulties with the system. 




            We have a terrific contest going on now for Bravecto and Sentinel for preventing flea and tick infestations.  In addition to fleas and ticks, the Sentinel product also takes care of


                        Intestinal hook and whipworms


All in one monthly dose! 

From now until April 15, you can win with our “Crack the Egg” Contest.  

                        Bravecto:  Buy 2 doses, crack one egg!  Buy 4 doses, crack 3 eggs!

                        Sentinel:  Buy 6 doses, crack one egg!  Buy 12 doses, crack 3 eggs!

The eggs all contain prizes ranging from $5, $10, a free dose valued at $10-$55 or a free gift. 

In addition to the Crack the Egg Contest, you can get a $75 mail-in or online rebate if you buy a 12 month supply or $25 if you buy 6 month supply of Sentinel.  The Bravecto rebate is $25 when you buy 4 doses or $10 when you buy 2 doses.  These rebates are good from now until the end of the year.  All doses must be the same product and size, for the same pet and purchased on the same invoice date to qualify for a rebate.  You must request the rebate either online or by mail.




            Sally had one case of pneumonia in feeder calves this winter that had typical viral and bacterial infections, BUT most of the lung damage in the calf was due to LUNGWORMS!  Just when you think you have seen it all, something different comes up.  Most people use the pour-on dewormers once or twice a year.  These products get rid of lungworms.  This calf had never been poured yet!

            Just another reminder to treat your calves for parasites, especially those that have ever been on pasture.  Even as very young calves, they can pick up parasites while they are grazing with the cows.




Committed to the health of your livestock and pets.