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June Newsletter


JUNE 2020


We have been pleased with the way the reopening of the clinic building has been going. We are saddened by the still increasing number of cases in Grant county (currently at 129) and the 12 deaths.  We are continuing to use policies to protect staff and clients from infection. All of LVC staff has remained healthy.

Here is a summary of the things we are doing at Lancaster Veterinary Clinic to continue to serve you and your animals safely:

  • We will provide curbside service for clients who wish to stay in their cars. Please call and let us know what you are comfortable with.
  • We are providing doggie daycare and boarding with drop-off at the outdoor dog run gate.
  • Grooming will be dropped off and picked up at the back door to the garage. Phone information is on the door.
  • Staff will be wearing masks. Clients coming in to the building will be required to wear masks and provided one if they need one.
  • Animals will be picked up and dropped off in the exam rooms.
  • All the vets are happy to take your questions and help your animals with information over the phone. Sending pictures of your animal’s problem(s) is helpful.
  • We are sanitizing surfaces, esp areas like phones, door handles and computers, and washing hands frequently.

To protect yourself and your family and reduce viral spread, follow these tips:

  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Stay at home
  • Practice social distancing and use a mask when you do go out.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze

The most common signs of COVID-19 illness are fever of over 100, cough and shortness of breath. Doctors have found that a sudden and unexplained loss of sense of smell and/or taste can indicate infection, even with no other signs. If you are experiencing such symptoms, call your doctor first. They can help you at home. People can be infected and spread the virus without feeling sick. Some are asymptomatic carriers, others are early in their infections.

Please continue social distancing and mask wearing when out in public. That is the best defense we have against continued virus spread.


We are pleased to welcome back the staff members who were laid off during the shut-down months of the pandemic. We are glad to be back at full staff and providing all our services to you and your animals.

We very much appreciate your loyalty and continued patronage during this pandemic time. We know that many people are struggling with unemployment or other loss of income.


We do not have a party scheduled yet, but we are still planning on doing something.


Southwest Tech has announced that the 2020 Dairy goat Academy will be offered virtually this year. The College will kick off the virtual Dairy Goat Academy on September 25, 2020 and will offer approximately 18 prerecorded sessions that students can view over the course of the month. The Academy will include a question and snswer area for students and presenters to exchange thoughts as well as a ‘vendor corner” to increase networking opportunities.

Registration will open July 15, 2020. Please check the webpage at www.swtc.edu for the latest information.


The county board’s Agriculture, Fair and Extension Committee voted June 8 to cancel the county fair for this year due to concerns about COVID-19 spread. Numerous other fairs have been cancelled this year, including the state fair. After considering many options, the committee decided that the only way to have a strong fair is to have one in 2021.

The Holstein Assoc had a well- attended district show June 18 and 19. Other departments are still considering whether to have their own shows. The auction sale may be done virtually. Please continue to support kids and their projects and make suggestions to your 4H and fair board members.


Summer is the time for people and pets to be outside playing and enjoying themselves. Summer is also the time for dog and cat bites, however. We have been seeing a number of dogs and one puppy for rabies observations because the animals have bit someone.

If your pet bites someone and is current on its rabies vaccination, the animal must be quarantined at home and be brought into the clinic for 3 exams. The cost for the 3 exams is $200 total. The 1st exam must be within 24 hours of the bite and the 3rd one 10 days after. The 2nd one can be anytime in-between. We complete paperwork that is submitted to the health department.

If your pet is NOT current on its rabies vaccination, the cost is much higher because the pet must be quarantined at the clinic for 10 days in addition to the three exams and vaccinated at the end of the quarantine. Total cost is over $600.00.

Please don’t wait until your pet bites someone to find out that their rabies vaccination is not current!


Sally has been working with clients getting EIA (Coggins) tests and paperwork done for horse sales that are still scheduled. Most of the sales only require a current EIA test to go to the sale, but some require interstate health papers also. Please call and talk to Sally if you have questions about what you need for a sale.


Committed to the health of your livestock and pets.