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February 2022 Newsletter




Jill and the team have been getting used to the new software system since going live on December 21st.  As with all software systems, most parts are better than the old one, but some are not and require adaptation.

Your statement for January 2022 will be different in a few ways:

  1.  Printed on 1/31/22 rather than the 25th of the month as we had been.
  2. Includes charges from the conversion time in December
  3. Will only show total invoice amounts with the invoice number
  4. Service charges added for January, but nothing for December.

We are still working out how the detailed invoice information will get to you, especially for the farms with lots of calls.  It looks like this month will be a lot of printing and sorting until we get things figured out.  Please call and talk to Jill if you have questions, suggestions or concerns about your billing.

This new system has many more options for using email and text to send reminders, newsletter, invoices and payment requests.  Jill is working on how to best communicate with all our clients.  If you do not want to share your email information, we will note that in the system.  You can also opt out of receiving certain information but still give us your email.  We hope this new system will provide more efficient ways that we can communicate with each other.




Bring your pet in during February and get a 10% discount on our comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment.  Dental care does not just involve scraping tartar that you can see off the teeth.  We will do a full assessment of your pet’s mouth, including full mouth x rays and exam of all the teeth.

This assessment and treatment requires anesthesia and a stay for the day at the clinic.  We also recommend bloodwork before the anesthesia which we can do right at the clinic.  When your pet’s dental care is done, you will get before and after pictures, copies of the x rays and a free goodie bag of items to help maintain your furry friend’s healthy teeth. 

Dental health is important for a long, healthy life for your pet as well as fresh breath, preventing heart problems and infections.

Take advantage of this deal and call today for an appointment to assess your pet’s dental health.  We want your pet to keep all its teeth healthy and beautiful for its whole life!




We will be having another contest this spring for our parasite prevention products, plus new mail-in rebates.  When you purchase Bravecto, you will be able to crack an egg and see what you find.  You may get a free dose or a gift or other surprise.  Bravecto comes in a variety of forms for both dogs and cats, but the surprise comes with all of them.

Our new all in one prevention product, Sentinel Spectrum, is also included in the egg cracking contest.  This product is for dogs and is a once a month chewable.  It prevents all of the following parasites:

  • Heartworms
  • Fleas
  • Ticks  
  • Intestinal hook and whipworms
  • Tapeworms

WOW!  All in one dose!!  We used to recommend the Interceptor Plus because it also took care of tapeworms, but the Sentinel Spectrum is a much better deal.  You can get a $75 mail-in rebate if you buy a 12 month supply or $25 if you buy 6 month supply.  These rebates are good from now until the end of the year.

We have options for great parasite control in cats, too.  Stop by and find out what will work best for you and your critters.  Maybe you will win a prize in your egg to crack!




Thanks to all who donated to the Grant County Humane Society recently in honor of Betty White’s birthday on January 17.  The total raised was over $3000!!  Betty White was a wonderful actor who almost made it to her 100th birthday.  She loved all animals.  Helping animals and raising money for organizations was a passion for her.  The GCHS was proud to join in the Betty White challenge and give people the opportunity to help animals in Grant County.  Thanks to Missy for all her hard work finding homes for GCHS animals.




We are happy to welcome Lexi Hildreth to our team as a Kennel Care Specialist.  Lexi started about a month ago working full time caring for all the dogs and cats we have at the clinic.  Lexi went to high school and Iowa Grant and lives in Linden.  She loves dogs and spends her tree time playing with her own dogs at home!  She also enjoys cooking and bringing yummy treats to share at the clinic.




Now that we have 2 vets working at the clinic again, we have shifted some things in the schedule for small animal.  Elective surgeries such as spays, castrations and dental work will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Cari will have Wednesdays off, so that day will only have appointments scheduled in the afternoon, so Sally can do morning farm calls.  We are still open until 7 pm on Mondays.  Sally and Cari are alternating on call time.

We are ready to take care of your sick pets and emergencies at any time.  Just call.



Committed to the health of your livestock and pets.