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Top 5 Ways to Give Your Dog Their Best Life! (*HINT: Pay Special Attention to #5!)


Consider all the joy and love your dog brings into your life. Now, imagine if you could take measures to help your dog live longer with a better quality of life. Wouldn’t you want to return the happiness your dog provides you for years to come?

Fortunately, with proper care over your dog’s lifetime, she can live happier, healthier, and statistically longer.


January 2019 Newsletter



Mark your calendars to attend the next Dairy Goat meeting on Thursday February 7th from noon to 2 pm at the clinic.  We know that many of you are busy with kidding in January, so we thought moving the meeting to early February would help.  Everyone milks at different times, so it seems the noon meeting time works.  We will be serving lunch starting at noon, but please come whenever you can. 

Sally will be presenting information about on the Do's and Don't of Dehorning and options for on farm antibiotic testing.  Please bring any questions you might have about your operation.  This goat group has been a great place for people to share problems and solutions.

Everyone is welcome.  Please invite your friends and neighbors who have goats.  People who have pet goats and meat goats can also benefit from the information and sharing.


A New Year Equals New Opportunities to Be a Great Pet Owner!


Now that the calendar has officially flipped over to 2019, you may be focusing on meeting some new resolutions for the upcoming year. Perhaps one of those is to be an even greater pet owner than you already are. This is an excellent resolution, and Lancaster Veterinary Clinic wishes to offer some tips below to help you achieve it!


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