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The Greatest Gift


Looking For a Special Gift for Your Pet?


Your pet is a loved and valuable member of your family, so it only makes sense that you want to buy him a special holiday gift. If you decide on a toy, we at Lancaster Veterinary Clinic would like to remind you of the following important safety considerations:


  • Your pet’s size: This is especially important when purchasing a chewable toy. A squeaky toy ball, for example, would be fine for a cat but not a large dog due to the potential choking hazard.

  • Stuffing material: Beads, foam, and other stuffing material could come loose from the toy if your pet bites it or tears it apart. If you choose a stuffed toy, be sure to supervise your pet until you know how she will react to it.


November Newsletter




            We have been seeing a lot and answering a lot of questions about pneumonia in weaned calves.  Some of the problems are in home raised calves and some in purchased calves.  The most important factor is to watch these calves carefully and treat at the first signs of droopiness or “ain’t doing right.”  Otherwise, the first signs you will see will be a dead calf!

            We have diagnosed mycoplasma, biberstenia and histophilus somnus in calves so far this year.  “What are those?” You are thinking.  These are less common organisms that cause pneumonia.  All are tough to vaccinate against.  They cause the worst problems in combination with each other or other stressors.


“Silver Muzzles and Golden Years”


A baby’s first birthday is a bittersweet milestone for parents because it’s hard to believe how much their son or daughter changed in just a year. When compared with the lifespan of our pets, it’s important to note that our pets age more quickly than we do. Although our pets reach their “golden years” at varying times based on breed, size and species, at Lancaster Veterinary Clinic  we recommend bi-annual preventive care exams starting when your pet reaches his senior years. Because of pet’s accelerated aging, new health concerns can appear in very subtle ways, and early detection is the key to keeping your pet as healthy as possible.

Most Common Health Conditions of Older Pets


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