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October Newsletter



We were pleased to have castrated over 350 cats at our free clinic this year.  We had 5 vets working including Meghan from the clinic in Montfort. With the help of all the staff plus 5 volunteers, we were able to get the cats all done before noon. It was a busy morning, but everything ran smoothly. Thanks to all who brought in cats and spread the word of the event.

We appreciate all the hard work from our staff getting things set up in the garage and outside to direct people. Thanks to everyone for their patience. We are glad to provide this community service.

Watch for next year’s event the 2nd Saturday in October 2018.


Halloween Can Be a Scary Holiday for Pets


As much as you and your children might enjoy Halloween, this particular holiday can be a stressful one for pets. They don’t understand why you have decorations and carved pumpkins with candles in them around the house and naturally feel curious enough to investigate. Your dog or cat may end up swallowing something inedible or even starting a fire by knocking over a candle. These are just two of several Halloween safety concerns to keep in mind. Lancaster Veterinary Clinic wants to provide the following safety tips to help keep your pets safe and happy during the month of October.


July Newsletter



Most of you will already have enjoyed our annual Client Appreciation Party by the time you get this newsletter in the mail.  We hope to see all of you at the clinic on Friday July 28 from 3-8 pm.

 We will have free food and beverages and fun and door prizes and lots of things for kids to do.  We are planning on having food and activities in a tent on the south lawn, so everything will be easy to find.  In case of rain, we will move into the clinic garage.

Of course, you are welcome to tour the clinic and see the new tile in the kennel and the exam room improvements.  Kids will be able to bring their stuffed pets and practice bandaging them.  We will have a duck pond and bounce house and a cow to milk.  You may even win a prize! 


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